I'm Jason Wu. And I'm Nice.

When I say nice I mean kind of preppy.

 Kind of Blair Waldorf* when she was applying for Yale University.

But Jason Wu's latest Resort Collection is not only preppy.

There is some little naughty black leather details in there.

Check 'em out!

Please,do not wear this. Anne Wintour will probably attack you and rip it off.
Because it is so like her.

It's a man's,man's world....but sorry boys,your clothes look so much better (and hotter) on us.

The perfect LSD.
What did you think?

I keep looking at the picture and I wonder...
...is it naturally flowy like this or what?

The Sophia Loren Sunglasses.

Huh.....Übercool New York Student.
Just do not enter the subway.

Breakfast At Tiffany's Minus The Sunglasses.
And the breakfast.

Did you spot the leather details??


*They were like, 'Be bitchy and nice, ugly and pretty, young and old, stupid and smart, innocent and slutty, blond and brunette. Can you be all those things?'

Leighton Meester about her role as Blair Waldorf.

All photos courtesy of Style Caster.


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