Good One.

Whaaat? December? Already?

I'm not ready. Forget it, unless it's a date or a party I'll never be ready.

People say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Well, according to the following photos that's what my year looked like, more or less.
Usually the best moments in life never make it to photos, status updates or check-ins. 

But that's the beauty of it, right?

Ready to see 2013 through my eyes?


Cheers to...

...not taking ourselves seriously. (Giant cupcake, anyone?) feeling like not even a day has passed by.

... to strangers who become friends. being free to go anywhere we please. get togethers and celebrations. To birthday wishes that come true. To surprises. stylish friends. going home, even if there's not only one. wandering. embarking on new adventures together. drinking games. To having a home full of friends. hot summer nights. feeling young and relentless. And infinite. And young. mysterious black and white close-ups. thematic parties. To people who are always there. dressing it up. To sexy-ing it up. friendships that last. To big smiles and double selfies. seeing that life is colorful. partying like there is no tomorrow. Like it's our job. When was that photo taken actually? foam pools! Do I need to mention anything else? To being carefree. Halloween makeup. And shameless duckface. crazy friends who remind you that... what the heck, you're pretty crazy as well. all the stories will tell our grandchildren about. giving posing a try... and killing it! big big smiles (again!) and the people who make them happen! coming to terms with ourselves. new experiences. the little details that make our day. exploring new places. being as enthusiastic as a kid. (I was screaming joyfully when I saw it!!) insider jokes.

... to having an absurd but definitely unique sense of humor. the "I was speechless" feeling. not having all the answers. the people we love, trust and admire. the soundtrack of our lives. our childhood memories staying vibrant (that's the school bus from the kindergarten I went to when I was little!) dessert. those who are far away yet always close. magical places. sexy shorts. You were waiting for something deep and meaningful, huh?


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  1. Tagged your blog today...

  2. So sweet, thanks a lot! Btw had a look at your blog, it's lovely! ^_^


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