Fashion Wednesday

...for an undescribably stylish September!

Right now I'm having a huge crush on  cute-sweater-plus-leg-baring-garments outfits that remind me of summer such as flowy skirts made of sensitive fabrics and or ultra short pairs of shorts.
 As well as a crush on all kinds of pink hues.
Quite obvious, right?

When can anybody have enough of a leather jacket? As the proud owner of three of them I've got the answer : Never. Because leather jackets -and especially black ones- have a cool+tough factor no other clothing item seems to possess.
(They are) more mouth-watering than Bella Swan herself.

And since my leather -note:never wear real leather!- mania can not be cured with just one leather garment here comes another übercool key item to every up-to-date wardrobe: the leather skirt.
You can find them pretty much everywhere but they are rarely as high-waisted as the one pictured above, which makes her stand apart and adds an overall classy touch to the outfit.

Last but never,ever least the absolute, all-time-classic beige trench. Because it screams FALL!
And have you noticed there are oh so many different shades of beige??

What are you loving this fall?



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