Thoughtful Thursday

Happy September and an Amazing Fall!

Apart from passing by so fast, this summer was full of ''first times'' for me.

1. Vacation with friends.

2. Making tiramisu.

3. Applying for university.

4. Creating a CV.

5. Shots. And I mean first time of so many shots in a row. :P

6. Not being able to finish a book.
Seriously I.
 The most well-known (among my friends) book-eater.

7. Buying a camera with my own money.

8. Not going nuts during sales period.
 And buying every single useless garment I'd find.
 Mum, I think I'm finally becoming a responsible adult.

9. Learning how to make french toast!

10. Flirting with a waiter. Seriously, is it me or is everybody hiring cute guys?

What was totally new to you this summer?



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