Yes No Yes No Yes No YES!

Probably my favorite conversation this week -so far, between a guy friend of mine and well,

Friend: dumped him because...
Kate: Because I thought of him only as a friend.
F: Like,really?
K: But of course.
F: Ok,cut the crap. There's no such thing! Girls dump guys because they don't fancy them...
K (interrupting him): ...but I told you, I saw him as a friend..
F (interrupting me): ...say you didn't fancy him..
K (interrupting him once more): ....I saw him as a friend...
F (interrupting me once more): didn't fancy him...
K (practically screaming): OK,I DON"T FANCY HIM,ARE YOU SATISFIED NOW?
F: I knew it.

(I'm a little mean walking thing,right?)
(Or is it what we girls really do?)
(Not being mean of course...)
(..but ,you know, kind of inventing reasons so as turn people down?..)



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