I Promise To Run Slow

"You'd think that people would have

Had enough of silly love songs
But I look around me and I see it isn't so
Some people wanna fill the world
With silly love songs.."

There is something ridiculously romantic about the island I currently live in, Corfu. The streets, the buidings, the local dialect, the sun and the sea, the people, the aura of the Old City...In addition, I bet the concept of serenading was invented here since everyone is so into music and I had at least one ex, one to-be boyfriend and two random guy-friends willing to serenade me. 

Even though I love all the above photos which I found via Le Love (oh, it's simply wonderful!) and various tumblr accounts, the last one is my favorite. I bought it -as a postcard- 4 years ago at some old film studio near Munich and I still have it in my room. People who visit me always ask whether it is me in the photo... To be honest, I wholeheartedly wish that it was me in that photo, in that car, in that hug...Love and relationships look so ideal and flawless and perfect in photos and films. I know that what we see in films does not happen in real life, I certainly do. What I really like about them is that they show you that maybe, I said maybe, there is a little magic out there... and that if we look carefully enough we might find it.

Corfu is turning me into a hopelessly romantic person, huh? :D



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