Do any of you have a completely unremarkable friend or maybe a houseplant I could go to dinner with on Saturday night?

The title of the post is a quote said by none other but Sex And The City's Miranda. I always think of me as a combination of Charlotte's ladylike manners and Miranda's cynical attitude... Think of an irrational romantic often having a pragmatistic approach to everyday matters. Food, shoes and relationships included. 

Photos taken by my ...well, mom! She's always chasing me around with a camera -talk about paparazzi quality. :) These two were taken in Mon Repos, a truly magnificent spot in Corfu, so if you visit the island during the summer months make sure to pay a visit there; it's a true paradise. Slightly neglected yet really beautiful and easily accessible.

The outfit consists of a few of my favorite pieces: 1) my purple ballet flats (when it comes to these shoes I'm in denial; they're almost falling apart, but I can't let them go!), 2) my floral scarf which has sentimental value since it is a gift from my long time best friend A. and of course 3)my (fake) leather jacket! I think a black leather jacket is timeless and appropriate for all most occassions. 


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