15 -Or Even Younger?

I originally wrote down these thoughts on the go (I was about to use the word unterwegs, because German vocab interferes with my English skills), since I’m going to meet my dad in Frankfurt. As you know, I draw most of my inspiration for my posts from everyday moments and experiences, so here goes another one.

Yesterday I was sitting alone in the university cafeteria in an attempt to force myself to study. My studying sessions consist of 60% actual studying, 30% daydreaming and 10% sipping coffee.

At some point I turned around to find out that Juliana* was sitting, also alone, at the table behind me.  Juliana is a pretty Erasmus student from Italy, probably the second person I talked to the first time I went to visit the university campus (the first one was a quite polite yet quite laconic middle aged secretary). She said hi and before I had the time to mouth the words “hi, how are you?”, she had already jumped up, set aside the chairs that stood between us and sat next to me. “I’m fine, thanks! I’m into that guy, the one over there, can you see him, and he’s sitting there and I’m acting like a 15 year old girl. I’m such a fool!” When I finally had the chance to answer, I said what a decent Agony Aunt is expected to say: “Oh, that’s so sweet! Don’t worry; we all act like that when we fancy someone.” Even though I would never fancy a young Severus Snape lookalike who enjoys wearing oversized corduroy jackets. Never.

After a quarter of more Italian-German** she excused herself and run to her next class, leaving me alone, unable to concentrate on whether we should the term “culture” instead of “cultures”, thinking of her words. “I’m acting like a 15 year old.” Maybe in her panic attack session she got that part of human psychology right. Even if you’re the Queen of Cool in everyday life, you transform into Queen of Stutter and Wobble Knees the moment the one you fancy enters your field of vision. When it comes to matters of the heart, nobody knows how to act or acts in a way that makes sense.

Anyway, I’m currently working on a matchmaking plan for Juliana and Severus Snape, so I’ve got to go! It’s not that I don’t have my own love life to take care of (or maybe I really don’t?), but I’m thinking of asking Santa for something quite expensive and it’s going to take a lot of good deeds in order to persuade him.



*The name is purely fictional since I wouldn’t like to reveal her real one.
**J. speaks German perfectly, yet in the way she speaks her mother language, Italian: really fast, without actually stopping between words and sentences to inhale oxygen.


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