Oh, underwear is a basic human right.

Suze: Bex! Two hundred dollars on Marc Jacobs underwear?
Rebecca Bloomwood: Oh, underwear is a basic human right. 
-Confessions of a Shopaholic

This one definitely belongs to my feel-good movies. I might not be as obsessed with shopping as Rebecca, but I’m a true “Girl in the Green Scarf”. A couple years ago a friend gave me a green scarf, quite similar to the one seen in the movie, as a birthday present, because she saw the movie and thought it reminded her of me. In addition, every time I wear my green scarf, fellow fashionistas who have seen the movie too, feel the need to tell me that “oh, your scarf looks like the one in that movie with the girl who was addicted to shopping. What was its name? Ah, Confessions of a Shopaholic!” Anyway, I was re-watching it and remembered how I love Rebecca’s fashion-related quotes.



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