Long Time No See (I Was Hiding in the Kitchen!)

It’s been quite a long time since I last wrote a new post and I feel terribly guilty about it. A lot has happened these past weeks, but unfortunately I didn’t have the time to write them down since university is keeping me 24/7 busy. This includes lots of homework, an oral presentation, a couple tests, looking for a new place to house my big, fashion filled dreams, long talks about confidence issues and a huge party with a man auction –that was totally hilarious and looked a lot like this.

Lately I’ve been hanging out (mostly friend-wise) with a very athletic guy who insists on inviting me to play sports or go swimming. After I told him that I pretty much suck at volleyball –later he had the chance to find out I wasn’t lying, that I’m also mediocre at playing ping pong and I was not really into sports while growing up (most men don’t regard doing yoga, pilates and taking dancing classes as exercise or sports in general), he looked quite puzzled and asked me what my hobbies were as a teenager. You should have seen his expression; it seemed like he was thinking “Huh, was wrong with her?”

I tackled his question (see? Sports related words are invading my vocabulary.) by saying something about drawing, taking dance classes, joining a drama club and focusing on learning foreign languages. As well as being a total geek, which means that I spent significantly more time studying than running after balls. All that is true –he’s already aware of my geek-y mentality since I’m always either on my way to the library or on my way to class.

But there was something more back then; something that I’m rediscovering right now.
As a teen I had mainly two hobbies: reading and baking. Reading made me happy and baking delicious desserts made the people I love most happy. I can still recall that time in senior high school when one of teachers asked the whole class what we want to become after school, what we want to study. When my turn to answer came, I simply said: “I just want to open a cupcake shop and bake cupcakes all day long.” At that time I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to study or what I want to be “when I grow up” (I still don’t) and baking was my favorite thing to do, so it was the first thing that popped into my mind. Apparently he didn’t find my answer as entertaining as I did, as at the next parents’ evening he told my mum that I was “a very talented and capable kid that has, however, very low expectations from itself.” My mum came laughing at home and told me that I should do whatever I wanted as long as it made me happy. What I love about my parents is their open-mindedness when it comes to career choices. Even though they’ve both studied in university (mathematics to be precise; I’m some sort of a mathematic equation I guess), they’ve never been the kind of parents that say “you have to go to university and become a scientist.” For that –and for much more- thank you.

Anyway, back to the initial subject, baking. Well, baking was my joy and my creative outlet until I got involved in university life and became a little lazy. Moving on my own also played an important role since there were no siblings or a dad with a serious sweet tooth to savor my creations –baking for myself was not an option, since it could prove totally fatal for my silhouette.

However, in the past two weeks I’ve whipped up a couple ridiculously easy desserts (the fixed expressions that are synonymous with “ridiculously easy” are actually “a piece of cake” and “easy as a pie.” Coincidence?) for barbeques with friends and felt the same joy. It might sound cheesy but it made my heart flutter with excitement; it was the toppings to my pizza; the ketchup to my fries; the Oreo cookies in my brownies (yes, as if brownies were not enough of a guilty pleasure, I added Oreo into them! Do it, it’s simply divine!)

So, the next time someone asks me what my hobby is I’ll say that my hobby requires speed –running around the kitchen looking for utensils, precision –desserts are like chemistry, you’ve got to measure the ingredients right, otherwise BOOM!, balancing and organization skills –try fitting a huge strawberry cheese cake in an already stuffed refrigerator while holding it with your left hand, arranging things with your left and keeping the door open with your foot. Baking!



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