A Toast

Around this time of the year I'm usually all about resolutions and things that I'd like to change the forthcoming year. Well, I still am (my what's-your-resolution-for-2012 poll is going strong) but this time I've chosen to focus on something else. 

All the things that 2011 gave me and I'm thankful about.

Like my beloved family and amazing friends. Beautiful moments that I'm never going to forget. New experiences. Good health. Success at my school exams - I am now studying foreign languages and translation. The courage to make my first, really important, life-changing choices on my own. The chance to become less shy and meet new people. To travel. To try new things. A really beautiful relationship that might have ended but taught me a lot.

So here comes a toast.

To nearest.

To dearest.

To the one's who've been there.

To the ones who'll be there.

To saying anything.

To choosing for yourself.

To no judgements.

To no doubts.

To trust.

To loyalty.

To having history.

To having your back.

To moving away.

To never too far.

To growing up.

To family.

To friends.

To celebrating New Year's Eve with those who matter most.

May this be a night to remember.Have fun....




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